3 Ways To Enhance Your Singer’s Performance Using Revoice Pro

Formants are the natural resonances of a singer’s sound production system. Like the size and shape of their throat, diaphragm, chest, and so on. Larger people have lower or deeper formants. Smaller people tend to naturally have higher formants to their vocal tone.  Revoice Pro from Synchro Arts allows us to alter the formants of […]

Should You Try Universal Audio LUNA? – Production Expert Podcast Episode 415

The long-anticipated LUNA launch happened last week to much excitement. James, Julian and Audrey ask should try it and what does it bring to the DAW landscape that isn’t already there? Deals For the month of April get 20% off Rogue Amoeba products including SoundSource. Rogue Amoeba don’t offer discounts often so get this while […]

Headphone Isolation Tip – When Tracking Loud Live Drums Try This Simple Trick

In this article we share a simple headphone isolation trick to try as an alternative to using studio grade headphones if you struggle hearing your mix when tracking loud live drums. Headphones capable of providing decent levels of isolation are essential in tracking sessions. Over-ear closed-back designs generally isolate quite well. Headphone isolation isn’t all […]

If You Only Use Drum VIs You May Be Missing These Important Real Drum Recording Techniques

In the article we discuss several essential live drum production techniques that drum virtual instrument workflows generally don’t inspire. If you produce drums predominantly with software drum libraries and find you struggle when recording and mixing live multi-track drums this article aims to help you. Read this article to broaden your understanding of key skills […]

Concert Band and Wind Ensemble Music, Resources, and Recordings: Plus, My Top 10 Concert Band Playlists On Spotify

I was recently asked by a colleague of mine to list out a few resources that his students could access from home during this unprecedented COVID-19 Outbreak. I put together this list and I’m asking any of you that have great, relevant resources to add them in the comment sections below. There are so many […]