Pyle 2-Pc Recording Shield Box-Microphone Foam Booth Cube, Sound Dampening Filter Audio, Acoustic Noise Isolator…

Price: $49.99 (as of 27/01/2021 04:09 PST- Details)

ELIMINATES UNWANTED NOISE: The Sound Recording Booth Cube Shield features sound dampening foam that assists unwanted sounds from contaminating your recordings. Creates an acoustic boundary around the microphone that improves the vocal audio flow
RECORD LIKE A PRO: Acoustic foam platform pads that block off outside noise such as air conditioning or computer fans, reduce sound reflections or echo and attenuate unwanted acoustic interference, the soundproof filter will let you record like a pro
THICK WEDGIE FOAM: Made of high-density noise-absorbing acoustic foam that promotes mic stabilization. Unwanted outside audio waves and vibrations are also known as noise and interference, are shielded while your voice has a clear path to your microphone