YOUSHARES Furry Windscreen Muff – Customized Pop Filter for Microphone, Deadcat Windshield Wind Cover for Improve Blue…

Price: $9.97 (as of 24/02/2021 09:04 PST- Details)

BLUE SNOWBALL FUR WIND SHIELD – Specially designed for Blue Snowball iCE Black Microphone (We also have microphone foam cover for Blue Yeti Microphone).
SOUND QUALITY – Effectively reducing Outdoor Wind Noise, popping and other noise to improve your sound quality be more clear. It does a fantastic job eliminating pops and white noise on my Snowball from all angles.
COMPLETE COVER – It fits snugly and allows all cords and attachments (Blue snowball stand mount / boom arm or blue snowball usb cord cable) to fit. Prevent dust and saliva from entering it.